Freestanding Refrigerator Günter & Hauer FN 285

MPN: 695042017027


Height: 185.8 cm

Noise level: 42 dB

Useful capacity: 285 liters

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No Frost - the refrigerators have a fan that helps circulate the cold air, so the whole chamber is kept at the same temperature. Food products are exposed to cold air equally from all sides. Such refrigerators do not need to be defrosted.

Antibacterial coating - a special coating is applied to the entire surface of the refrigerator walls, which protects the refrigerator from unpleasant odors, mold and the growth of bacteria.

LED lighting -  perfectly illuminates the inside of the refrigerator - light reaches all compartments. Compared to conventional ones, these luminaires are stronger, resistant to vibration and temperature changes. LEDs use up to 80% less electricity, do not emit UV and infrared rays, and do not contain mercury.

Shelves - refrigerator shelves made of tempered glass. It is scratch-resistant, hard to break and can withstand a weight of up to 25 kg

Retractable doors - possibility to change the direction of door opening.

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Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 59.5 × 57.4 × 87.5 cm