Facial massager Marasil KAXA-LIFT Blue

MPN: 17020282 + 505037010735


Micro impulses and high frequency vibration

Vibration frequency: 13,000 pulsations per min.

Modes: 2

Moisture resistance: IPX6

Charging time: ~ 2 hours.

Duration of the procedure: ~ 6 min.

Refreshes skin and skating elasticity

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MARASIL KAXA-LIFT QUEEN. The latest version. Japanese quality. Unique technology for the combination of micro pulses and high frequency vibrations.

The KAXA-LIFT QUEEN is a unique ergonomexfoliating facial massager, which helps to revitalize facial skin, promotes skin elasticity. The device is made of medical stainless steel and is water resistant. Massage helps to reduce skin wrinkles, removes swelling by acting on the most problematic areas, ie the forehead, eye area, eyebrows, skin area around the lips, cheeks and chin. All you need is 6 minutes a day, and in two months you’ll be able to enjoy the result: a more radiant, younger look.



Micro pulses for facial stimulation

• Micro pulses send light and gentle waves through the skin and tissues directly to the facial muscles. It stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which stimulates the formation of collagen.

Hi-Frequency Sonic High Vibration

• High frequency vibration helps to stimulate blood circulation and improves the effect of the skin care products you use.



Heat mode (red)

• Facial lift

• Increases the effect of the skin care products you use

• Wrinkle reduction

• Fast delivery in Lithuania.

• Facial muscle massage

• Promotes collagen production

• Stimulates blood circulation

Natural mode (blue)

• Improves skin tone

• Reduces puffiness of eye bags

• Reduces skin pore size

• Restores skin elasticity and softness

• Relaxes by acting on massage acupuncture points

• Promotes collagen production

• Stimulates blood circulation

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