Exhaust Fan Vlano S-125 TH with Timer and Humidity Sensor White ⌀125

MPN: 425135470173 + 425135470179


Equipment: With Timer and Humidity Sensor

Hole diameter: 125 mm

Maximum air flow: 147 m³ / h

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Vlano (Germany) manufactures innovative exhaust fans Vlano S-125 TH su laikmačiu bei drėgmės jutikliu. Šie ventiliatoriai naudojami vonių, dušų, virtuvių ir kitų gyvenamųjų patalpų nuolatiniam ir periodiniam vėdinimui. Šis ventiliatorius taip pat žavi savo moderniu bei estetiniu dizainu, komplekte yra balta priekinė panelė. Šiuolaikinė moderni ventiliatoriaus elektronika ir integruotos funkcijos palaiko gerą mikroklimatą patalpose.

S-125 TH model:

• T -  built-in shut-off delay adjustable timer allows the fan to run for 2 to 30 minutes after shutdown.

• H - if the humidity level in the room exceeds the range set in the sensor from 60 to 90 %, the fan will turn on automatically and run until the humidity level in the room returns to the normal level; the fan continues to run for as long as the timer sets and then shuts off.

This exhaust fan (S-125 TH) is energy efficient and quiet (29 dB), consumed barely 8 W electricity, maximum air flow even 147 m³ / h. Maintenance-free bearing motor. The motor with ball bearings has a long service life. Designed for continuous operation and requires no maintenance.

Household extractor fans S-125 TH used in living quarters, apartments, cottages; offices; auxiliary premises; in commercial premises; restaurants, health care facilities, childcare facilities.


Vokiska-kokybe vokiski gartraukiaiVLANO products meet the highest international quality standards, which ensures that the products of this brand will last a long time in your kitchen. Our engineers are constantly developing new technologies and improving the technical capabilities of Vlan's products to refine the range of models of this brand.

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