Hood Vlano LESTO 60 Black

MPN: 425135470234


Type: Wall-Mounted

Width: 60 cm

Maximum traction power, m³ / h: 405

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Compact hood VLANO LESTO will easily remove vapors and unpleasant odors. The combination of black glass and black stainless steel will create an elegant look in your kitchen. The touch control panel with automatic shut-off function allows you to clean the air at 3 power levels. A space-saving wall-mounted free-standing hood that allows you to move freely over the hob. Thanks to the powerful engine, not only a low noise level of 49 dB (A) can be achieved, but also powerful results - the amount of extracted air reaches 405 m³ / h. VLANO LESTO the wall-mounted hood not only has powerful performance data, but is also a luxurious part of the kitchen: the black front with a folding plate made of glossy protective glass gives it a modern look, complemented by a 2-piece black chimney finish.

This cooker hood is suitable for use in exhaust or recirculation mode, and a carbon filter (AKF-006) is required for recirculation mode.

Quality  - The hood housing is made of white glass and stainless steel. Vlan hoods are among the most efficient on the market, with a strong focus on even the smallest details. Hoods made in this way will be powerful and at the same time save energy.

Engine - extremely powerful and quiet engine guarantees high traction and speed. This hood is perfect for larger kitchens. The recommended kitchen area is from 15 m² to 20 m².

Management - Operating levels and lighting can be easily selected on the front control panel with touch sensors or using the included remote control.

LED lighting - this feature conveniently illuminates the stove, making cooking even more convenient and simpler. And LED bulbs will save you money.

Perimeter extraction Is an alternative extraction technology. During the operation of the hood, the exhaust air flow is directed from the central zone towards the outer exhaust perimeter, so that the hood engine is not overloaded, the system consumes less electricity and does not cause much noise. Air intakes around the perimeter operate at key extraction points, allowing vapors in the vicinity of the hood to be captured and trapped so that they do not enter the room.

Recirculation mode - the air, odors and fumes entering the hood are cleaned with carbon filters and released back into the room. Carbon filters must be replaced depending on the intensity of production, if you produce regularly, we recommend changing the carbon filters every 6 months.

Suitable carbon filters - AKF-006

Bendra informacija:

  • Tipas: Kamininiai (montuojami prie sienos)
  • Rekomenduojamas virtuvės plotas: nuo 15 m² iki 20 m²
  • Energijos klasė: B
  • Dinaminio srauto efektyvumo klasė: A
  • Apšvietimo efektyvumo klasė: A
  • Riebalų filtravimo efektyvumo klasė: D
  • Energijos sąnaudos per metus: 27 kWh/m
  • Ventiliacijos trauka EU/NO 65/2014 (min./maks.): 268/405 m³/h
  • Triukšmo lygis (min./maks): 49/64 dB
  • Ypatingai tylus variklis: 1 x 75 W
  • Greičių skaičius: 3
  • Apšvietimas: LED, 2 x 3 W
  • Perimeter extraction


  • Spalva: Juoda
  • Korpusas: Dažytas nerūdijantis plienas, stiklas
  • Riebalų filtrai: Aliuminiai (galima plauti indaplovėje, yra komplektacijoje)
  • Anglies filtrai: 2 vnt. (nėra komplektacijoje)
  • Anglies filtrų tipas: AKF-006 (nėra komplektacijoje)
  • Recirculation mode
  • Valdymas: Sensorinis + valdymo pultelis
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Easy to install


  • Ventiliavimo angos skermsuo: 120/150 mm
  • Aukštis: 50 cm (81 – 107 reguliuojamas kamino aukštis)
  • Plotis: 59.6 cm
  • Gylis: 40.7 cm
  • Svoris: 10 kg

Vokiska-kokybe vokiski gartraukiai

VLANO products meet the highest international quality standards, which ensures that the hoods of this brand will keep your kitchen air clean for a long time. Our engineers are constantly developing new technologies and improving the technical capabilities of the range hoods to refine the range of models of this brand.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 46×62×39 cm




Energy class

B - C

Ventilation draft (m3 / h)

401 – 600




Black glass, Stainless steel