Built-in dishwasher Günter & Hauer SL 6014

MPN: 415538960149


Noise level: 47 dB

Number of applications: 6

Capacity: 14 sets of dishes.

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Top up anytime – you can refill the dishwasher with dirty dishes at any washing stage. You don't have to wait for the dishwasher to finish working to put in forgotten tools.

Half boot program - this program allows you to choose a program that washes the upper or lower part of the dishwasher. This is handy if you have a few dishes but don't want to wait until the dishwasher is full to wash them.

The third drawer – perfect for tools and supplies, it comes with sliding modules that allow you to easily fit taller items in the top bag.

14 Dish Sets - The dishwasher provides enough space for a smaller family. The interior allows for different load options, washing is easy and the washing effect is amazing.

Salt indicator – the salt indicator lights up, this informs the user that the ion exchange tank has run out of salt and needs to be refilled.

Rinse aid indicator – this indicator shows whether enough rinsing liquid has been added or if it needs to be topped up;

Delay the start of washing - you can set how long you want to start washing - this is handy if you want the dishwasher to run when, say, you are not at home

Self-cleaning filter system – the automatic filter cleaning system washes food residues so that the filter does not clog, that is, it protects the device from problems or errors.

AquaStop - the dishwasher can be safely left running overnight and when you are not around. In case of leakage or flooding, AquaStop automatically will cut off the water supply. The AquaStop function will remain fully effective throughout the life of the device.



Auto – for slightly clean or very dirty dishes with or without dried-on food.

Intensive - This washing program is for more greasy and dirty dishes that the dishwasher will wash at a higher temperature.

ECO - with a little more time and to save money, we recommend using an economical washing program.

Glass (soft) - extremely delicate washing to help protect sensitive glass or other products.

rapid  - a regularly used program that is most likely to wash moderately soiled dishes that have stood a little before washing and do not need to be dried


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